Ward Edmund Paschall, son of John Seth Paschall and Mary Robertson , was born 1784 in Warren,NC. He married Elizabeth Wilson August 15, 1806 in Warren,NC. He died 1828 in Rockingham,NC. Elizabeth Wilson, daughter of Henry Wilson and Rachel Paschall , was born abt. 1773.

Children of Ward Edmund Paschall and Elizabeth Wilson are:

1. Rebecca Polly Paschall, b. 1805 See Samuel Paschall & Rebecca Polly Paschall
2. Sarah Paschall, b. 1810 See William Noles & Sarah Paschall
3. Seth W Paschall, b. 1811 See Seth W Paschall & Elizabeth R Tate
4. Martha A Paschall, b. 1812 See Nicholas Jarret & Martha A Paschall
5. Lewis Paschall, b. 1812 See Lewis Paschall & Mariah Eliza Newman
6. William Paschall, b. 1814 See William Paschall & Nancy Paschall OR William Paschall & Fannie Carter
7. John Paschall, b. 1823 See John Paschall & Martha Horsford
8. Mary Ann Paschall, b. 1822 See Allen Dunnaway & Mary Ann Paschall OR William J Dobbs & Mary Ann Paschall
9. Betty Paschall, b. 1829

Notes for Ward Edmund Paschall:

!1st marriage official - John Paschall, bdsman
1805 Warr/NC WB 13; ch bond posted by John, his father?
1808 Warr/NC TL Smith Cr 1 poll
1810 Warr/NC 20010-20010 p765: 1806 Marr bond, signed by both; PFR fi les
1811 Warr/NC TL Nutbush; not on later TL's
1813 Warr/NC WB estate Henry Wilson; Ward's wife was dau
1816 Rock/NC DB Q351 got his division, 67 acres
1816 Rock/NC DB X174 sold his interest in mother's estate
1817 Rock/NC DB R237 sold Ld to Ayres Newman, his 67 acres
1820 Rock/NC 220010-21110 p646
1823 Rock/NC Ct Min, Feb; deed, last record found
1850 Casw/NC widow, 60, Gran/NC; in s-in-law, Wm J Dobbs

Notes for Elizabeth Wilson:

Notes for Betty Paschall:

!1850 Rock/NC p27 #372-in Wm Knowles; her sis?; age 21

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