Lewis Paschall, son of Ward Edmund Paschall and Elizabeth Wilson , was born 1812 in Rockingham,NC. He married Mariah Eliza Newman December 27, 1841 in Rockingham,NC. He died 1863 in Rockingham,NC. Mariah Eliza Newman.

Children of Lewis Paschall and Mariah Eliza Newman are:

1. Martha Jane Paschall, b. 1844 See Robert Flynn & Martha Jane Paschall
2. Julia A Paschall, b. 1847 See Raliegh Lybass & Julia A Paschall
3. John Pinkney Pearson Paschall, b. in March, 1849 See John Pinkney Pearson Paschall & Martha C Moore
4. Mary Elizabeth Paschall, b. August 10, 1856 See James H Warren & Mary Elizabeth Paschall
5. Joseph M Paschall, b. 1855 See Joseph M Paschall & Narcissa Emma Powell
6. Andrew L Paschall, b. 1857 See Andrew L Paschall & Emma Thacker
7. James Franklin Paschall, b. in February, 1859 See James Franklin Paschall & Mary Ann Miller OR James Franklin Paschall & Lydia

Notes for Lewis Paschall:

!1849 Rock/NC Bdsman for marr, Feb 8; cousin, Mary Y Wilson
1850 Rock/NC #467 p33-wife/3 ch
1860 Rock/NC Lennox Castle #466-wife/6 ch
1870 Rock/NC Wentworth #247-widow/dau
1871 Rock/NC DB 3dA334 bought 62a-Little Tr'some Cr
1880 Rock/NC widow/5 ch-not all hers
1899 Rock/NC Ct Min; gave dau, Mary Warren property
1900 Rock/NC Midway Ch cem, widow burial; Methodist; Jul 8
192x Letter by gson; PFR files
1936 ditto: PFR files

Notes for Mariah Eliza Newman:

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