John Paschall, son of Ward Edmund Paschall and Elizabeth Wilson , was born 1823 in Rockingham,NC. He married Martha Horsford September 11, 1843 in Rockingham,NC. He died 1893 in Fair,SC. Martha Horsford.

Children of John Paschall and Martha Horsford are:

1. James K Polk Paschall, b. in December, 1845 See James K Polk Paschall & Martha Evans
2. Mary Caroline Paschall, b. 1848
3. Sarah Paschall, b. 1849 See Joseph Gardener Kelly & Sarah Paschall
4. John Stadler Paschall, b. 1851 See John Stadler Paschall & Belle Kelly
5. Julia Ann Paschall, b. 1852 See Louis Perry & Julia Ann Paschall
6. Samuel Pinkney Paschall, b. October 12, 1855 See Samuel Pinkney Paschall & Emma Hood
7. William Newton Paschall, b. February 07, 1857 See William Newton Paschall & Julia Ophelia Evans
8. Craven Thornton Paschall, b. 1856 See Craven Thornton Paschall & Thursa Hays
9. Julius W Paschall, b. in April, 1859 See Julius W Paschall & Bertha Hogan
10. Carrie Paschall, b. 1868 See Samuel Boulware & Carrie Paschall
11. Chelsey Marcell Paschall, b. 1871 See Chelsey Marcell Paschall & Allie Hodge
12. Julie Ann Paschall, b. aft. 1871
13. David Lee Paschall, b. aft. 1871

Notes for John Paschall:

!1st marriage official - Wm F Windsor, bdsman
1850 Rock/NC Eastern #500-wife/ch
1860 Rock/NC Lawsonville #156-wife/9 ch/nep?
1860 Rock/NC DB 2dY543; 30 acres fr Wm Windsor; rec'd 1869
1880 Fair/SC 6th-wife/5 ch
1900 Rich/SC widow/4 ch

Notes for Martha Horsford:

Notes for Mary Caroline Paschall:

Notes for Julie Ann Paschall:

Notes for David Lee Paschall:

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