John Seth Paschall, son of Samuel Paschall and Phereba Ward , was born July 01,1756 in Granville,NC. He married Mary Robertson November 26, 1783 in Warren,NC. He died in February, 1816 in Rockingham,NC. Mary Robertson.

Children of John Seth Paschall and Mary Robertson are:

1. Ward Edmund Paschall, b. 1784 See Ward Edmund Paschall & Elizabeth Wilson
2. Mark Paschall, b. 1787 See Mark Paschall & Sarah Burchett
3. Nancy Ann Paschall, b. 1790 See Elijah Wilson & Nancy Ann Paschall
4. Elizabeth Paschall, b. bef. 1790 See Willably Mustain & Elizabeth Paschall
5. John D Paschall, b. 1802

Notes for John Seth Paschall:

!1st marriage official - Wm Paschall, bdsman
1779 Warr/NC TL Smith Cr; also 1781-1808
1786 Warr/NC 1-2-1 Smith Cr state census
1790 Warr/NC census as Parker(illegible); alpha list
1792 Warr/NC DB 11-263 333 1/3 acres from father; ID's land
1800 Warr/NC 01201-02010 p823 Snr
1808 Warr/NC TL Smith Cr 383a, no poll; as Sr
1808 Warr/NC Ct Min dropped John, Sr and Jr; left Co?
1809 Warr/NC DB 18-346 sold 333a
1810 Rock/NC 01011-00210 p226 Snr; fem ages?; dupl p228
1811 Rock/NC DB O-297 bought 629a for 50 cents an acre
1816 Rock/NC Ct Rec, estate sale, May
1816 Rock/NC DB Q83/351

Notes for Mary Robertson:

Notes for John D Paschall:

!1816 Rock/NC DB Q351 father's Ld Div; names widow/ch
1819 Rock/NC Settlements Bk p74/98/121 Sam Walker, gdn
1823 Rock/NC DB X118 sold interest in est; names mother's father
1823 Rock/NC DB 2dD p77 sold int 68a; rec'd 1829; signed, John D
1840 John/IL 0001120-00001 p403; him?
1841 Will/IL Trustee for college; school did not come into fact
IL State Gene Soc, v12, p27; Law for college, trustees
1939 Pioneer Folks & Places by Barbara Hubbs, p172; trustees

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