Samuel Paschall, son of Willably Mustain and Elizabeth Paschall , was born 1805 in Warren,NC. He married Rebecca Polly Paschall October 26, 1824 in Rockingham,NC. He died 1878 in Rockingham,NC. Rebecca Polly Paschall, daughter of Ward Edmund Paschall and Elizabeth Wilson , was born 1805 in Warren,NC. She died aft. 1860 in Rockingham,NC.

Children of Samuel Paschall and Rebecca Polly Paschall are:

1. David Samuel Paschall, b. 1830 See David Samuel Paschall & Sarah E Carter
2. Rachel Paschall, b. 1825 See Addison Hensly & Rachel Paschall
3. Sina Jane Paschall, b. 1826 See Isaac Stephens & Sina Jane Paschall
4. Johnson M Paschall, b. 1834
5. Nancy G Paschall, b. in December, 1835 See Lewis C Horsford & Nancy G Paschall
6. Samuel R Paschall, b. 1850
7. Elizabeth Paschall, b. 1829 See William Hobbs & Elizabeth Paschall

Notes for Samuel Paschall:

!1st marriage official - Willably Mustain (step-father)
1824 Rock/NC Rebecca marr as Polly
1830 Rock/NC 00001-20001 p302; as Paschall; B. Pitchford was father
1830 Casw/NC 01001-41001 duplicated?; moved?
1840 Casw/NC 110001-102001 as Samuel Mustin (mustain)
1850 Casw/NC p464 wife/2 ch-has Co's of birth; as S Paschall
1852 Rock/NC Lick Fk Prim Bapt Ch Bk 3 p212; Rebecca Mustain
1860 Rock/NC #176 Rebecca/2 sons; as Samuel Mustain
1878 Rock/NC DB 3dH229 Rebecca; dower rights to Hugh K Reid
1878 Rock/NC WB A p207 Hugh K Reid, admr; names widow, ch
1880 Rock/NC N Wmsburo #364-widow with dau, Nancy Horsford

Notes for Rebecca Polly Paschall:

!1st marriage official - Willably Mustain

Notes for Johnson M Paschall:

!1860 Rock/NC #176-listed as invalid
note: apparently died before father
Note: a Johnson in civil war, TN, had widow,, Bettie
Note: bdsman in marr of Cumberland Co, 1854, named Paschal Johnson;him?

Notes for Samuel R Paschall:

!Note: apparently died before father

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