Henry J Paschall, son of James Paschall and Rachel Wilson , was born 1815 in Rockingham,NC. He married Wealthy Witherington March 08, 1839 in Henry,TN. He died aft. 1880 in Weakley,TN. Wealthy Witherington.

Children of Henry J Paschall and Wealthy Witherington are:

1. Mary Ann Paschall, b. December 25, 1839 See George W Barner & Mary Ann Paschall
2. James Thomas Paschall, b. 1842 See James Thomas Paschall & Elizabeth Priscilla Wilson
3. Lawson David Paschall, b. in June, 1844 See Lawson David Paschall & Olive Aditha Stephens
4. Angeline Paschall, b. 1845
5. Willis D Paschall, b. 1847 See Willis D Paschall & Melissa Morgan OR Willis D Paschall & Julie A Upchurch
6. Wealthy Elizabeth Paschall, b. February 10, 1850 See George Washington Paschall & Wealthy Elizabeth Paschall OR Samuel G Ronk & Wealthy Elizabeth Paschall OR Andrew P Porter & Wealthy Elizabeth Paschall
7. Epsey E Paschall, b. 1852
8. Nancy Jane Paschall, b. in March, 1855 See Willis N Gilliam & Nancy Jane Paschall

Notes for Henry J Paschall:

!1836 Henr/TN TL 13th; also 1837
1840 Henr/TN 00002-1001 p460 had brother?
1841 Henr/TN 12th Occ Ld #2093, Jun 30
1846 Henr/TN TL 130a; also 1847,48,49
1850 Henr/TN 13th #165-wife/6 ch; bad ages
1851 Henr/TN DB sold 88a; also 1852,53
1852 Call/KY TL as H J: also 1859
1860 Call/KY TL as Henry J; 5 ch ages 6-18; also 1861
1860 Call/KY #1442-wife/8 ch; good ages
1880 Weak/TN 15th #70-with son

Notes for Wealthy Witherington:

Notes for Angeline Paschall:

!1880 Gibs/TN 9th-in G L Lewis house

Notes for Epsey E Paschall:

!1880 Call/KY 5th Swans-in Wm Jackson, as Hepsey E, 24, TN

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