Lawson David Paschall, son of Henry J Paschall and Wealthy Witherington , was born in June, 1844 in Henry,TN. He married Olive Aditha Stephens January 21, 1866 in Henry,TN. He died July 20, 1917 in Henry,TN. Olive Aditha Stephens.

Children of Lawson David Paschall and Olive Aditha Stephens are:

1. Robert Bartholmew Paschall, b. 1867 See Robert Bartholmew Paschall & Melissa Ann Paschall OR Robert Bartholmew Paschall & Mattie Buie
2. Thomas Wrather Paschall, b. October 15, 1873 See Thomas Wrather Paschall & Ella Adelaide Mohundro
3. Luther Eli Paschall, b. in August, 1877 See Luther Eli Paschall & Ellie Mathis
4. Heston David Paschall, b. March 09, 1878 See Heston David Paschall & Shellie Flora Mohundro
5. Joe Lander Paschall, b. September 10, 1884 See Joe Lander Paschall & Ida Mae Stevens
6. Ronnie Jackson Paschall, b. in September, 1886 See Ronnie Jackson Paschall & Mamie
7. Mary Cordelia Paschall, b. April 11, 1869 See Major Ed Lasater & Mary Cordelia Paschall
8. Clemie B Paschall, b. 1871 See Isaac N Gore & Clemie B Paschall
9. Minnie Aditha Paschall, b. June 24, 1879 See James R Brandon & Minnie Aditha Paschall
10. Edna Jane Paschall, b. June 10, 1880 See Marshall C Paschall & Edna Jane Paschall

Notes for Lawson David Paschall:

!1870 Henr/TN 13th-wife/2 ch
1880 Henr/TN 13th-wife/7 ch
1900 Henr/TN 13th #93-wife/4 ch
1910 Henr/TN 6th-widower/son/dau-in-law/gson
1917 Henr/TN Foundry Hill RLDS cem, burial

Notes for Olive Aditha Stephens:

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