George Washington Paschall, son of Silas Paschall and Priscilla Paschall , was born 1846 in Grai,TN. He married Wealthy Elizabeth Paschall May 16, 1873 in Henry,TN. He died in November, 1920 in Henry,TN. Wealthy Elizabeth Paschall, daughter of Henry J Paschall and Wealthy Witherington , was born February 10, 1850 in Henry,TN. She died July 15, 1937 in Gibs,TN.

Other Marriages for Wealthy Elizabeth Paschall:

Notes for George Washington Paschall:

!1870 Henr/TN 13th #848-living with brother, Thomas
1873 Henr/TN TL listed as Paschal & Thomas; 2 bro's; 1 disabled
1876 Henr/TN TL
1877 Henr/TN Baptist Ch Min; expelled for adultry with dec'd bro's wi fe?
1880 Henr/TN 21st #142-2 sons or nephews?
1882 Call/KY TL west side; as George W
1883 Call/KY TL west side 1st prec; no poll tax?; as George W
1884 Call/KY TL west side 1st prec; as George W
1900 Weak/TN 7th-alone, marr 30 yrs; sister Jane in house? him?
1910 Weak/TN p156-alone; him?
1921 Henr/TN News, found dead in barn, 3 mos; Feb 4; him?
Note: He marr W Eliz, I416, they had a dau, Jinnie, di-yng
Note: was in Civil War with bro's
Note: his wife remarried while he was living? divorced?

Notes for Wealthy Elizabeth Paschall:

!1880 Gibs/TN in Sam Ronk house, servant; dau
1882 Gibs/TN marr as Mrs W E Paschall; divorced?
1885 Gibs/TN WB Inv S G Ronk p233, Jan
1886 Gibs/TN Ct Rec Probate proc, Dec
1920 Gibs/TN 21st #112-husb, Daniel Casey; age, 68
1937 Gibs/TN Walnut Grove cem, burial; as Eliz Casey
1988 Info from Betty Paschall; Eliz was marr also to:
cont a Porter, E P Scott and Daniel Casey

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