John H Paschall, son of William Paschall and Martha Patsey , was born 1782 in Granville,NC. He married Elizabeth Brewer November 27, 1804 in Ogle,GA. He died aft. 1840 in Will,TN. Elizabeth Brewer.

Children of John H Paschall and Elizabeth Brewer are:

1. Martha Dennis Paschall, b. abt. 1814 See John Lane Whitman & Martha Dennis Paschall
2. Caroline Virginia Paschall, b. September 07, 1815 See Lorenzo Duncan & Caroline Virginia Paschall
3. William Warren Paschall, b. 1818 See William Warren Paschall & Pherba Hinton
4. Susan Agnes Paschall, b. 1826 See Thomas Harrison & Susan Agnes Paschall
5. John E Paschall, b. bef. 1816 See John E Paschall & Ann Jane Harris OR John E Paschall & Mary Ann Hendrix
6. Eliza Paschall, b. bef. 1824 See William Harris & Eliza Paschall
7. Harriet Paschall, b. abt. 1810 See Joseph E Phillips & Harriet Paschall
8. Emily H Paschall, b. abt. 1812 See John Wesley Monroe & Emily H Paschall

Notes for John H Paschall:

!1820 Clar/GA 200010-32010 p131 Athens-as John H
1830 Clar/GA 01100001-1012001 p291
1835 Butt/GA Est J Cargile; paid as a teacher?; Feb 11
1840 Will/TN 00000001-01000101 p168 widowed dau, gdau?; same man?
1871 Galv/TX Book, 94 Years; nep of F2, marr sis of F2's wife, Agnes
1936 Spri/AR letters to PFR by Lena Crutcher; info
1936 chart to PFR by L R Crutcher
1978 Albu/NM letters by Alice Crutcher, Apr 7; Oct 9
Note: Left Franklin Co, NC, before placed on TL

Notes for Elizabeth Brewer:

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