William Warren Paschall, son of John H Paschall and Elizabeth Brewer , was born 1818 in Clar,GA. He married Pherba Hinton January 15, 1838 in Gree,AL. He died 1885 in Gree,AL. Pherba Hinton.

Children of William Warren Paschall and Pherba Hinton are:

1. Martha Ann Paschall, b. in January, 1839
2. Isabella Paschall, b. in July, 1840
3. James I Paschall, b. in November, 1842 See James I Paschall & Marcie
4. Louella Paschall, b. 1844 See Ezra Foster & Louella Paschall
5. Amanda Lydia Paschall, b. August 30, 1847 See Robert Savidge Foster & Amanda Lydia Paschall
6. Mary W Paschall, b. 1855

Notes for William Warren Paschall:

!1st marriage official - Rev William Manning
1836 Sumt/AL news, 4th July celebration; Jul 12
1838 Sumt/AL DB C212 bought land
1838 Sumt/AL DB C p212 bought printing press; May 28
1838 Gree/AL news, editor Gainsville Republic
1840 Gree/AL DB S(L?)32 bought 80a, Dec 9
1843 Gree/AL was JP of marriage, Oct 23
1847 Gree/AL WB will of Col Wm Hinton; names dau/gdau's
1850 Gree/AL p250-wife/ch
1860 Gree/AL Clinton p985-wife/ch
1870 Gree/AL p632 #8-wife/2 dau's; 52 GA; merchant; as W W
1885 Gree/AL Clinton cem, burial; tombstone says fr Clarke Co, GA.
1969 Letter by Joyce Longcoy to PFR; death, middle name
Note: there is an indenture between him, Willie Hinton and Thomas Harrison. This shows that Susan was likely his sister.

Notes for Pherba Hinton:

Notes for Martha Ann Paschall:

!1900 Perr/AR Houston twp-living with brother, James

Notes for Isabella Paschall:

!1858 Gree/AL West Clinton cem, burial

Notes for Mary W Paschall:

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