William Paschall, son of Isaiah Paschall and Margaret Nichols , was born 1754 in Granville,NC. He married Martha Patsey 1774 in Granville,NC. He died 1818 in Franklin,NC. Martha Patsey .

Children of William Paschall and Martha Patsey are:

1. John H Paschall, b. 1782 See John H Paschall & Elizabeth Brewer
2. William Paschall, b. 1790 See William Paschall & Margaret
3. Agnes Paschall, b. 1788

Notes for William Paschall:

!1780 Wake/NC Him or father living here?; Asbury Journal; Jul 15
1780 Gran/NC TL Epping Forest dist 460 pounds
1780 Gran/NC DB O p120 land from Isaiah
1780 Gran/NC DB O p124 wit to Isaiah's land sale, Jan 2
1781 Gran/NC DB O p138 sold above land
1783 Fran/NC DB 1 p62 witness to deed of John Finch
1783 Fran/NC DB 1 p91 witness to deed of Sam'l Fuller
1786 Gran/NC 1-3-2 Raglands; 3 boys under 21
1788 Gran/NC TL 1 poll; also 1789/1790/1791 1 poll
1792 Gran/NC TL Tabbs Cr 1 poll
1796 Gran/NC TL Tabbs Cr; 1 poll, no land
1796 Gran/NC will of Robt Allison; wit to will; Aug
1797 Fran/NC will of Moses Parks in Ogle/GA; exec'r
1800 Gran/NC 01110-02010 p558
1800 Gran/NC TL Fort Cr dist 1 poll; not on 1801/1803 TL's
1804 Fran/NC TL Bledsoe's Dist; 1 poll; not on next yr; over 50, b 17 54
1810 Fran/NC 00001-00101 p782
1812 Fran/NC TL Ingram's Dist; 1 poll; this is son, Wm, 21; b 1790
1814 Fran/NC DB bought 50a; Little Shocco Cr
1818 Fran/NC DB 18-279 est proceeding: Ct Min, Jun 8
1818 Fran/NC WB H? p110 est sale: widow, Martha; dau?, Agnes
1819 Fran/NC TL Ferrell's Dist; est 50a; 1822 TL Patsey, widow? ; 1 b poll
1824 Fran/NC TL Davis Dist; Pinnell Royal, Paschal's admr, 50a
1826 Fran/NC TL Admr for Paschall's heirs, 50a
1958 Journal of Francis Asbury by Elmer Clark; Vol I, p366
Note: Book "94 Years" indicates in Rev War with bro, father
Note: Book also indicates became Methodist during war

Notes for Martha Patsey :

Notes for Agnes Paschall:

!1818 Fran/NC Agnes was at estate sale-dau?

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