Silas Paschall, son of Silas Paschall and Winney Mayfield , was born 1802 in Granville,NC. He married Priscilla Paschall 1827 in Rockingham,NC. He died 1856 in Grai,TN. Priscilla Paschall, daughter of Joshua Paschall and Lucy Hicks , was born abt. 1811 in Rockingham,NC. She died aft. 1850.

Children of Silas Paschall and Priscilla Paschall are:

1. Susan Paschall, b. 1827 See Robert D Wilson & Susan Paschall
2. Jane Paschall, b. 1829 See Algernon Roach & Jane Paschall
3. Sarah Paschall, b. 1833 See Sterling Mallicoat & Sarah Paschall
4. Elizabeth Paschall, b. 1835
5. James T Paschall, b. 1845 See James T Paschall & Nancy Jane Strougham
6. Thomas Paschall, b. 1838 See Thomas Paschall & Elizabeth Wilson
7. Samuel W Paschall, b. 1840 See Samuel W Paschall & Cynthia Wilson
8. Henry Paschall, b. 1843 See Henry Paschall & Frances A Wilson
9. Lucy Paschall, b. 1845
10. George Washington Paschall, b. 1846 See George Washington Paschall & Wealthy Elizabeth Paschall
11. Rachel Paschall, b. 1847
12. Eliza Paschall, b. 1849 See Joshua Campbell Paschall & Eliza Paschall

Notes for Silas Paschall:

!1830 Rock/NC 00001-1001 p300
1840 Grai/TN 200001-12101 p106
1844 Henr/TN at est sale of Elisha, H143
1845 Henr/TN TL 13th; also 1846
1850 Grai/TN 6th #651-wife/12 ch
1854 died-most of ch went to Henr/TN
1854 Grai/TN Ld Gt #29564, Mar 15; Entry #2258; 10a
1986 Tradition: Priscilla was twin of Aquilla, I51
Note: Likely in Smit/TN, 1833; see James, I4 & Mark, D42

Notes for Priscilla Paschall:

!Note: Tradition is that she was twin to Aquila, I51. Association ten ds to
confirm this.

Notes for Elizabeth Paschall:

Notes for Lucy Paschall:

Notes for Rachel Paschall:

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