Mark Paschall, son of John Seth Paschall and Mary Robertson , was born 1787 in Warren,NC. He married Sarah Burchett February 14, 1807 in Warren,NC. He died aft. 1860 in Wash,AR. Sarah Burchett was born abt. 1790 in Warren,NC. She died aft. 1860 in Wash,AR.

Children of Mark Paschall and Sarah Burchett are:

1. Ezekiel Paschall, b. 1814 See Ezekiel Paschall & Elizabeth Allen OR Ezekiel Paschall & Mary Williams
2. Mary Paschall, b. 1814
3. John Paschall, b. November 09, 1818 See John Paschall & Elizabeth Hughes OR John Paschall & Selina Brooks OR John Paschall & Rachel Friley
4. Sarah Paschall, b. 1818 See George Washington Hughes & Sarah Paschall
5. Frances Paschall, b. 1820 See James B Mustain & Frances Paschall
6. Nancy Matilda Paschall, b. 1827 See Jesse Henry Hobbs & Nancy Matilda Paschall
7. Martha Paschall, b. 1822 See John Williams & Martha Paschall
8. Thomas Hiram Paschall, b. in April, 1823 See Thomas Hiram Paschall & Rachel Brooks

Notes for Mark Paschall:

!1st marriage official - Charles Bennitt
1808 Warr/NC DB 18-274 sold interest in wife's estate
1808 Warr/NC TL Dancey's dist 1 poll
1816 Rock/NC DB Q351 heirs named
1820 Rock/NC 200010-20010 p646
1823 Rock/NC DB X118/174 mother named
1823 Rock/NC Ct Min-work on road; 1825 ditto
1833 Smit/TN Estate rec; acct bal, James, I4, also
1840 Guil/NC 01010001-102210
1850 Hawk/TN 12th #76-wife/2 ch
1860 Wash/AR White R #2033-wife/dau
Note: wife's relatives in Smith Co/TN

Notes for Sarah Burchett:

Notes for Mary Paschall:

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