John Paschall, son of Mark Paschall and Sarah Burchett , was born November 09,1818 in Rockingham,NC. He married Selina Brooks abt. 1849 in Hawk,TN. He died November 08, 1911 in Wash,AR. Selina Brooks.

Children of John Paschall and Selina Brooks are:

1. Jasper Paschall, b. June 25, 1850
2. Alfred Houston Paschall, b. October 12, 1852 See Alfred Houston Paschall & Cinsy J Arnell OR Alfred Houston Paschall & Mary Jane Brown
3. James Monroe Paschall, b. September 25, 1854 See James Monroe Paschall & Sarah Elizabeth Porter
4. Jesse H Paschall, b. February 25, 1858 See Jesse H Paschall & Anna Marrs
5. John Wesley Paschall, b. March 12, 1860 See John Wesley Paschall & Margaret White

Other Marriages for John Paschall:

Notes for John Paschall:

!1st marriage official - George Hughes
1840 Oran/NC 00001-00001 p184 1 in Agric
1850 Hawk/TN 11th #327-wife/3 sons
1860 Wash/AR White R #2088-wife/7 sons; farmer
1870 Wash/AR White R #66-wife/4 sons; farmer
1880 Wash/AR White River-wife/son/2 gch
1900 Wash/AR Reed-wife; wife is Rachel
1911 Wash/AR Whitehouse cem, burial
1973 PFR bulletin #6
1985 Letter fr ggson Preston M, marr Rachel Friley(3rd)

Notes for Selina Brooks:

Notes for Jasper Paschall:

!1863 Wash/AR Whitehouse cem, burial

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