William Newton Paschall, son of John Paschall and Martha Horsford , was born February 07,1857 in Rockingham,NC. He married Julia Ophelia Evans February 04, 1879. He died in December, 1935 in SaLa,UT. Julia Ophelia Evans.

Children of William Newton Paschall and Julia Ophelia Evans are:

1. Samuel Evans Paschall, b. June 28, 1880 See Samuel Evans Paschall & Bertha E Mason
2. Shirley Daniel Paschall, b. March 27, 1883
3. Claude Gaston Paschall, b. May 22, 1886
4. Dora Pauline Paschall, b. March 17, 1889 See unk Collins & Dora Pauline Paschall
5. Ada Irene Paschall, b. September 04, 1891 See unk Flint & Ada Irene Paschall
6. Rena Delphine Paschall, b. February 25, 1894 See Frank Mellen Earl & Rena Delphine Paschall
7. Ernest Wright Paschall, b. 1895
8. James Elmer Paschall, b. May 04, 1899 See James Elmer Paschall & Roberta Dimmick
9. Fred Evans Paschall, b. June 08, 1901

Notes for William Newton Paschall:

!1897 SaLa/UT moved to Salt Lake, May
1925 SaLa/UT Letter by Julia; much info; PFR files
1935 SaLa/UT letter by Julia, 74; PFR files; info
1989 LDS IGI; birth, parents

Notes for Julia Ophelia Evans:

Notes for Shirley Daniel Paschall:

Notes for Claude Gaston Paschall:

Notes for Ernest Wright Paschall:

Notes for Fred Evans Paschall:

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