William Paschall was born abt. 1703. He married Sarah Ruth Rachel abt. 1743. He died in August, 1774 in Bute,NC. Sarah Ruth Rachel was born bef. 1733. She died abt. 1768 in Bute,NC.

Children of William Paschall and Sarah Ruth Rachel are:

1. Dennis Paschall, b. 1747 See Dennis Paschall & unk
2. Sarah Paschall, b. bef. 1756 See William Buchannon & Sarah Paschall
3. Dianna Paschall, b. 1750 See Richard King & Dianna Paschall
4. Rachel Paschall, b. abt. 1750 See Henry Wilson & Rachel Paschall
5. Ruth Paschall, b. bef. 1756
6. Reliance Paschall, b. abt. 1767
7. Thomas Paschall, b. 1755 See Thomas Paschall & Charity Russell

Other Marriages for William Paschall:

Notes for William Paschall:

!1719 Midd/NJ WB Samuel Dennis names dau, Reliance, others
1727 Bible of son, Samuel, names mother as Reliance
1729 Midd/NJ WB Thomas Pike; Wm was wit, signed; original will(the father?)
1739 NewY/NY Ct Rec William Paschall, resident of Woodbridge, NJ
1744 Edge/NC Col Rec Vol 4, p703 pet for 150a, granted; Nov 19
1745 Edge/NC Brands Bk A; Wm, a crop & a hole in each ear; Jul 18
1749 Gran/NC Ld Gt #38, file #760, Bk 14 p19, 625a; Mar 25; signed
1750 Gran/NC TL William and sons, 6 polls
1754 Gran/NC Militia, William & son, William; Samuel, John, Isaiah
1755 Gran/NC TL William and 7 sons
1760 Gran/NC Ld grants, 640a; Mar 11 and 647a; Mar 13
1761 Gran/NC Ld grant, 685a; Mar 16
1761 Gran/NC DB D314 Ld to son, Samuel; May; called D-line
1766 Gran/NC DB I230 ditto
1761 Gran/NC DB D313 Ld to son, John; Jun; called E-line
1761 Gran/NC DB D327 Ld to son, Isaiah; Jun; called F-line
1762 Gran/NC TL Smith's Cr has Elisha, Dennis at home
1763 Gran/NC DB F170 Ld to son, James; Mar; called I-line
1765 Gran/NC DB G313 Ld to son, Elisha; Feb duplicated J4, p6; called H-line
1768 Bute/NC DB 2-45 Ld to son, Dennis; Feb; called J-line
1770 Bute/NC Ct Min Wm gdn to Parks, Mary & Tabitha King; p150
1773 Bute/NC Ct Min Wm & son, Thomas-agreement; Mar 27; p200; called K-line
1774 Bute/NC WB will; May, proved Nov; sons, Thomas/Dennis exec'rs
1777 Bute/NC Ct Min est acct; sermon, Rev Patillo, noted Presbyterian minister
1779 Warr/NC Ct Min additional inventory; Aug
1779 Warr/NC Ct Min Tabitha, widow, died; her property sold by Thomas
Note: King ch were ch of John King; Parks >18 by Nov 1771 when he was
bound to Richard King until 21.
Note: prob marr 2ndly; Sarah Anderson or Pike?, c1745
Note: prob marr 3rdly; Tabitha King, widow of John King; had her dau, Tabitha King as ward
Note: son, William did not get land; called G-line
Note: 5 dau's, per will order, are called L-P lines

Notes for Sarah Ruth Rachel :

! Note:Pick a name.This second marriage is extremely likely. The dau's names of Rachel, Ruth, Dianna are unique at the time to the line. Ruth was a Pike family name in Middlesex Co, NJ. Rachel could be a Wilson line name.

Notes for Ruth Paschall:

!1774 Bute/NC Named in her father's will; got land
1801 Gran/NC DB 18 p191 her bro, Dennis, sold her land to Wm Williams.
If she was born between 1744-1747 she could be dau and namesake of William's second wife. She does not seem to have married as her brother, Dennis sold her land.

Notes for Reliance Paschall:

!1774 Bute/NC Named in her father's will, a minor; not likely Tabitha's child.
1779 Bute/NC Ct Min Thomas, gdn posted bond; May 10
1780 Warr/NC Ct Min Thomas sold Reliance's est; Aug
1785 Warr/NC Ct Min Thomas bond
1818 Smit/TN James Burchett est, had widow? named Reliance? This possibility has not been researched but
more likely a dau of John, E.

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