William Paschall was born abt. 1703. He married Tabitha bef. 1774 in Bute,NC. He died in August, 1774 in Bute,NC. Tabitha . She died 1779 in Warren,NC.

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Notes for William Paschall:

!1719 Midd/NJ WB Samuel Dennis names dau, Reliance, others
1727 Bible of son, Samuel, names mother as Reliance
1729 Midd/NJ WB Thomas Pike; Wm was wit, signed; original will(the father?)
1739 NewY/NY Ct Rec William Paschall, resident of Woodbridge, NJ
1744 Edge/NC Col Rec Vol 4, p703 pet for 150a, granted; Nov 19
1745 Edge/NC Brands Bk A; Wm, a crop & a hole in each ear; Jul 18
1749 Gran/NC Ld Gt #38, file #760, Bk 14 p19, 625a; Mar 25; signed
1750 Gran/NC TL William and sons, 6 polls
1754 Gran/NC Militia, William & son, William; Samuel, John, Isaiah
1755 Gran/NC TL William and 7 sons
1760 Gran/NC Ld grants, 640a; Mar 11 and 647a; Mar 13
1761 Gran/NC Ld grant, 685a; Mar 16
1761 Gran/NC DB D314 Ld to son, Samuel; May; called D-line
1766 Gran/NC DB I230 ditto
1761 Gran/NC DB D313 Ld to son, John; Jun; called E-line
1761 Gran/NC DB D327 Ld to son, Isaiah; Jun; called F-line
1762 Gran/NC TL Smith's Cr has Elisha, Dennis at home
1763 Gran/NC DB F170 Ld to son, James; Mar; called I-line
1765 Gran/NC DB G313 Ld to son, Elisha; Feb duplicated J4, p6; called H-line
1768 Bute/NC DB 2-45 Ld to son, Dennis; Feb; called J-line
1770 Bute/NC Ct Min Wm gdn to Parks, Mary & Tabitha King; p150
1773 Bute/NC Ct Min Wm & son, Thomas-agreement; Mar 27; p200; called K-line
1774 Bute/NC WB will; May, proved Nov; sons, Thomas/Dennis exec'rs
1777 Bute/NC Ct Min est acct; sermon, Rev Patillo, noted Presbyterian minister
1779 Warr/NC Ct Min additional inventory; Aug
1779 Warr/NC Ct Min Tabitha, widow, died; her property sold by Thomas
Note: King ch were ch of John King; Parks >18 by Nov 1771 when he was
bound to Richard King until 21.
Note: prob marr 2ndly; Sarah Anderson or Pike?, c1745
Note: prob marr 3rdly; Tabitha King, widow of John King; had her dau, Tabitha King as ward
Note: son, William did not get land; called G-line
Note: 5 dau's, per will order, are called L-P lines

Notes for Tabitha :

! She was widow and had a dau of the same name. No children by William.

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