Dennis Paschall, son of William Paschall and Sarah Ruth Rachel , was born 1747 in Edge,NC. He married unk abt. 1767. He died in November, 1816 in Warren,NC. unk.

Children of Dennis Paschall and unk are:

1. Anderson Paschall, b. 1769 See Anderson Paschall & Sally M Twitty OR Anderson Paschall & Mary Harris
2. Nichols Paschall, b. 1770 See Nichols Paschall & Sarah
3. Elisha Buckner Paschall, b. 1772 See Elisha Buckner Paschall & Nancy Haygood
4. Mary Paschall, b. 1775 See John Haygood & Mary Paschall
5. Sarah Paschall, b. aft. 1769 See ? & Sarah Paschall

Notes for Dennis Paschall:

!1768 Bute/NC DB 2-45 214a from father; Jan 4
1771 Bute/NC TL had Wm Buchannon, bro-in-law later
1775 Bute/NC DB 6 p13 sold his 214a; Jan 19
1777 Gran/NC DB L88 got 200a fr Elisha & Ann
1780 Gran/NC TL Nutbush dist 871 pounds
1782 Gran/NC TL Nutbush dist 125a 1 poll; 1785/1786 ditto
1786 Gran/NC 1-3-3 Nutbush; state census
1788 Warr/NC TL Nutbush 125a 1 poll; also 1789-1808
1790 Warr/NC 3-5-5 (error in census) in alpha order
1791 Warr/NC TL Nutbush 125a 2 polls, likely his sons, > 21
1792 Warr/NC TL Nutbush 125a 1 poll
1793 Warr/NC TL Nutbush 125a 2 polls
1794 Warr/NC TL Wm Daniel's dist (Nutbush) 125a no polls
1795 Warr/NC TL J Wm Daniel's dist 125a 2 polls
1800 Warr/NC 00001-10011 p823; dau has child?
1801 Warr/NC Ct Min son, Anderson, to Dennis; Nov
1810 Warr/NC 00001-00010 p740; wife died?
1816 Warr/NC DB Ld to son, Elisha B
1816 Warr/NC WB will named 3 sons/2 dau's
Note: Too many rec's to list; was sheriff, constable, JP, adm'r
Note: wife may have been Mary Nichols;: his mother may have been Sarah? Anderson or Pike (not Reliance)
Note:his wife may have been a sister to Ann, wife of Elisha

by Clarence McDaniel, July 1996

Dennis was born about 1747 in Granville County, being the first of the
sons born in North Carolina. It is necessary to appreciate the rarity of
the given name Dennis in this time and place. This rarity tends to
confirm that it was indeed the surname of his father's first wife,
Reliance Dennis.

In Dennis we see the case of the local boy making the best of his
conditions. He had all of the advantages of the local "log cabin"
school, which is to say not much in pioneer North Carolina. He certainly
made the most of it for we find more mention of his name than that of any
other Paschall. His name is on numerous legal papers; he was constable,
sheriff, J.P. and stand-in lawyer for all kinds of proceedings. He seems
to have been the mediator of family squabbles. We can only assume that
he was highly respected and trusted by his relatives, friends and
neighbors. In addition to all of this he seems to have erected a water
mill on Smith Creek and this was perhaps his main occupation.

Dennis, for all his popularity, did not take advantage of his influence.
He did not get rich or seek high political office.

Dennis married about 1767 and was the father of three sons and two
daughters. His wife, whose name may have been Mary, died before 1810 and
she was likely from the Anderson or Nichols family.

Dennis had several deeds both buying and selling property. He was on
numerous tax lists of Nutbush District, Bute and later Warren counties.

Dennis made his will on the 18th of July, 1816, and it was proved
November, 1816, in Warren County. In his will he mentions his sons and
daughters and son-in-law, John Haygood. A description of his children


Anderson was born about 1769 and followed in his father's footsteps but
amassed considerable wealth. He was most likely the wealthiest of the
Paschalls at this time. He married Sally Mitchel Twitty on April 26th,
1795, in Warren County. Anderson moved across the Roanoke River to
Mecklenburg County, VA, about 1808. His children seem to have benefitted
from this by getting good educations. Anderson's wife died by 1819 and
he moved to Granville County where he married Mary Harris. He had a
large family of nine sons and three daughters, all apparently, by his
first wife. In the court minutes of Warren for May, 1812, we note a deed
of gift was proved. Philemon Hawkins had deeded to the two oldest
children of Anderson, giving their full names. These were related to
Philemon through the Twitty family-possibly greatgrandchildren. Since
only the two oldest were named this could indicate that these were the
only two from the marriage. Anderson made his will in 1836 and it was
probated in 1839. Several of Anderson's sons were well known.


Nichols was born about 1770 and married about 1795. He did not leave
many records in his home county of Warren. He had a bond excuted in
which he was constable in 1795. He appears in various court proceedings
in Warren County until February, 1803. He may have been resident across
the river in Virginia about 1800. He left the area about 1803 and lived
for a while in Roane County, TN, perhaps in Knoxville. He was on the
1805 tax list and some court records of Roane County. Nichols has the
distinction of being the first of the North Carolina line to cross the
Mississippi, for we find him residing in Ste. Genevieve, MO, before 1812.

In deeds of Ste. Genevieve, his wife was named as Sarah. He apprenticed
his son, Nathaniel, who later became the famous editor, to a printer in
St. Louis in 1812 and moved to Randolph County, IL. He was listed in the
1820 federal and state censuses there. He may have been on the 1840
census but the name is not clear. The records indicate others of his
family remained and died in Kaskaskia, Randolph County, IL, so we assume
Nichols died there sometime after 1820.

Elisha B,J3

Elisha was born about 1772 and married Nancy Haygood(varies) about 1794
in Warren County. He lived around his father until his death and moved
in 1821 to Dickson County, TN. Elisha was the father of four sons and
four daughters. Several of the children of Elisha left no issue. A
singular letter written in 1925 by John,J3221, gives us this family line
but the letter contains a bad error. The John mentioned that went to
Texas was not the son of Elisha, but the son of Anderson. Elisha died
1838 in Dickson Co, TN.


Mary was born about 1775 and married neighbor, John Haygood, on April 3,
1797, in Warren County, NC. Her name appears with her father on deeds
and this has led some to think that Mary was the wife of Dennis. Mary
and her family moved to Dickson County, TN, and is listed on the 1850
census there.


Sarah was born between 1769 and 1786 and was alive, unmarried, in 1816.

Notes for unk:

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