Thomas Edward Paschall, son of Benjamin M Paschall and Martha Gertude Hooks , was born May 30,1851 in Coff,AL. He married Elizabeth J Glaze November 23, 1878 in Pano,AL. He died April 11, 1922 in Coff,AL. Elizabeth J Glaze was born in May, 1851.

Children of Thomas Edward Paschall and Elizabeth J Glaze are:

1. Edward Frank Paschall, b. December 20, 1895 See Edward Frank Paschall & Fodie Crumpler
2. Benjamin G Paschall, b. October 24, 1879
3. Sarah B Paschall, b. in July, 1893
4. Rosey G Paschall, b. in June, 1887

Notes for Thomas Edward Paschall:

!1880 Coff/AL 13th #336-wife/son

Notes for Elizabeth J Glaze:

Notes for Benjamin G Paschall:

Notes for Sarah B Paschall:

Notes for Rosey G Paschall:

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