Benjamin M Paschall, son of Samuel Dennis Paschall and Frances Cochran , was born July 14,1817 in Morg,GA. He married Martha Gertude Hooks October 27, 1836 in Putn,GA. He died abt. 1918 in Coff,AL. Martha Gertude Hooks.

Children of Benjamin M Paschall and Martha Gertude Hooks are:

1. John Samuel Paschall, b. October 11, 1838 See John Samuel Paschall & Georgia Ann Stokes
2. Mary Elizabeth Paschall, b. March 11, 1841 See James M Harden & Mary Elizabeth Paschall
3. Nancy J Paschall, b. 1844
4. William C Paschall, b. November 15, 1846 See William C Paschall & Sarah
5. Jerusha C Paschall, b. February 22, 1849
6. Martha Paschall, b. 1850
7. Thomas Edward Paschall, b. May 30, 1851 See Thomas Edward Paschall & Elizabeth J Glaze
8. Martha A Paschall, b. September 23, 1853
9. Mathew Paschall, b. 1858 See Mathew Paschall & unk
10. Susan Tabitha Paschall, b. August 09, 1858 See Thomas Judge Peacock & Susan Tabitha Paschall
11. Franklin Jefferson Paschall, b. October 07, 1861 See Franklin Jefferson Paschall & Mary F Crumpler
12. Charles W Paschall, b. November 01, 1863 See Charles W Paschall & Emily Anna Helms

Notes for Benjamin M Paschall:

!1840 Cham/AL 10001-00001 p205 others
1850 Coff/AL p277 #174-wife/ch; sisters same pg
1860 Coff/AL 11th #1169-wife/7 ch
1870 Coff/AL p482 index
1880 Coff/AL Haw Ridge-wife/3 ch
1900 Coff/AL 13th Haw Ridge-dau, Susan Peacock
1969 Paschal Gene by Rosa Paschal; Hooks family
1998 Info from Barbara Samuels, Anchorage, AK; Hooks family

Notes for Martha Gertude Hooks:

Notes for Nancy J Paschall:

Notes for Jerusha C Paschall:

Notes for Martha Paschall:

!1900 Coff/AL 13th; renamed another child Martha?

Notes for Martha A Paschall:

!1855 2nd with name Martha or age confusion
1900 Coff/AL 13th-living with Susan Peacock, sister
19x8 AL Archives, news, died at 86

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