Ezekiel Franklin Paschall, son of Ezekiel Dennis Paschall and Eliza Ellen Parrish , was born April 01,1855 in Caswell,NC. He married Isabelle Jane Groome December 19, 1878 in Rockingham,NC. He died February 09, 1932 in Rockingham,NC. Isabelle Jane Groome.

Children of Ezekiel Franklin Paschall and Isabelle Jane Groome are:

1. Maud Elma Paschall, b. October 12, 1879 See W Herbert Vickrey & Maud Elma Paschall
2. Annie Eliza Paschall, b. September 10, 1882 See George Valentine & Annie Eliza Paschall
3. Zachariah Thomas Paschall, b. October 20, 1884 See Zachariah Thomas Paschall & Alline Underwood
4. Fannie Myrtle Paschall, b. June 17, 1887 See Riemer R Regan & Fannie Myrtle Paschall OR Joseph Ezekiel Paschall & Fannie Myrtle Paschall
5. Edna Davis Paschall, b. July 25, 1890 See Albert S Brooks & Edna Davis Paschall
6. Emile Franklin Paschall, b. November 05, 1892 See Emile Franklin Paschall & Cladie Pike
7. Norman Winthrop Paschall, b. June 19, 1895 See Norman Winthrop Paschall & unk OMunhundro
8. Lee William Paschall, b. December 10, 1897
9. Ezekiel Parrish Paschall, b. August 22, 1900 See Ezekiel Parrish Paschall & Carrie E Hilton

Notes for Ezekiel Franklin Paschall:

!1880 Rock/NC S Wmsburo #193-wife/dau
1900 Guil/NC Summerfield-wife/8 ch
1917 Rock/NC Wrote History of Paschall Fam; PFR files
1917 Rock/NC Wrote his biography, his family info; PFR files

Notes for Isabelle Jane Groome:

Notes for Lee William Paschall:

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