Ezekiel Dennis Paschall, son of Ezekiel Paschall and Thursa Ann Cannady , was born September 22,1828 in Caswell,NC. He married Eliza Ellen Parrish October 15, 1850 in Caswell,NC. He died June 02, 1912 in Rockingham,NC. Eliza Ellen Parrish.

Children of Ezekiel Dennis Paschall and Eliza Ellen Parrish are:

1. John James Roan Paschall, b. 1851
2. Jesse Thomas Paschall, b. August 29, 1853 See Jesse Thomas Paschall & Emma Gertude Watlington
3. Ezekiel Franklin Paschall, b. April 01, 1855 See Ezekiel Franklin Paschall & Isabelle Jane Groome
4. Mary Caroline Paschall, b. 1857
5. Bedford Brown Paschall, b. in January, 1860
6. Fannie Susan Paschall, b. August 01, 1864 See Richard Henry Brannock & Fannie Susan Paschall
7. William Alexander Paschall, b. January 03, 1866 See William Alexander Paschall & Eliza Wilkins
8. Fletcher Ware Paschall, b. January 15, 1868 See Fletcher Ware Paschall & Lula Ida Simpson
9. James Sawyer Paschall, b. August 21, 1872 See James Sawyer Paschall & Betty Henderson
10. Eddie Davidson Paschall, b. June 20, 1874

Notes for Ezekiel Dennis Paschall:

!1st marriage official - Richard Miles
1860 Rock/NC Lennox Castle #279-wife/5 ch/brother
1861 Rock/NC Enlisted CSA; Capt; discharged 1865
1870 Rock/NC Williamsboro #126-wife/5 ch
1880 Rock/NC S Wmsburo #191-wife/6 ch
1900 Rock/NC Wmsburo-wife/2 ch/gson
1910 Rock/NC widower/2 sons
1912 Casw/NC Camp Sprgs Methodist cem, burial; wife also

Notes for Eliza Ellen Parrish:

Notes for John James Roan Paschall:

!1864 Casw/NC Paschall cem, burial

Notes for Mary Caroline Paschall:

!1863 Casw/NC Paschall cem, burial

Notes for Bedford Brown Paschall:

!1865 Casw/NC Paschall cem, burial

Notes for Eddie Davidson Paschall:

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