Swepston Wilson, son of Henry Wilson and Rachel Paschall , was born 1794 in Granville,NC. He married Dorothy Dolly Key November 12, 1816 in Rockingham,NC. He died abt. 1869 in Henry,TN. Dorothy Dolly Key was born 1800 in NC. She died aft. 1872.

Children of Swepston Wilson and Dorothy Dolly Key are:

1. Mary A Wilson See Alexander B Paschall & Mary A Wilson
2. Junius Wilson, b. 1838
3. Jane Wilson, b. May 31, 1840
4. Leanna Wilson, b. November 16, 1836
5. James O Wilson, b. 1834
6. William C Wilson, b. 1832
7. Peyton Wilson, b. 1829

Notes for Swepston Wilson:

!1813 Warr/NC DB 19 p258 wit to P/A to bro, George
1820 Rock/NC p56
1830 Rock/NC 202001-110001 p313
1840 Henr/TN 2210101-2011001 p458
1850 Henr/TN 12th
1857 Henr/TN 13th TL; also to 1867
1860 Henr/TN 13th #1455
1870 Henr/TN 13th #826-widow, Dorothy

Notes for Dorothy Dolly Key:

Notes for Junius Wilson:

Notes for Jane Wilson:

Notes for Leanna Wilson:

Notes for James O Wilson:

Notes for William C Wilson:

Notes for Peyton Wilson:

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