Alexander B Paschall, son of Jesse Paschall and Rebecca Wilson , was born 1813 in Caswell,NC. He married Mary A Wilson 1837. He died in February, 1880 in Henry,TN. Mary A Wilson, daughter of Swepston Wilson and Dorothy Dolly Key , .

Children of Alexander B Paschall and Mary A Wilson are:

1. Thomas J Paschall, b. 1835
2. Sarah Jane Paschall, b. August 04, 1840 See Joseph P Orr & Sarah Jane Paschall
3. Frances Paschall, b. 1844
4. Albert Monroe Paschall, b. December 28, 1844 See Albert Monroe Paschall & Mary Elizabeth Orr
5. Susanna A Paschall, b. 1848
6. Martha A Paschall, b. 1852 See Daniel S Styles & Martha A Paschall
7. William A Paschall, b. 1854 See William A Paschall & Mary Alice Paschall
8. Leona Laura Paschall, b. 1855
9. Jacob B Paschall, b. 1857 See Jacob B Paschall & Sarah Deering
10. Swepston Terrel Paschall, b. April 23, 1858 See Swepston Terrel Paschall & Mary J Wilson OR Swepston Terrel Paschall & Margaret Hutchins OR Swepston Terrel Paschall & Anna McClure
11. Rebecca A Paschall, b. 1863
12. Jesse Agalar Paschall, b. in March, 1864 See Jesse Agalar Paschall & Sarah A Orr

Notes for Alexander B Paschall:

!1840 Henr/TN 10010001-1001
1850 Henr/TN 12th #20-wife/5 ch
1860 Henr/TN 12th #1396-wife/8 ch
1870 Henr/TN 12th #465-wife/5 ch
1873 Henr/TN TL 21st 190a
1880 Henr/TN mortality census; died Feb
1880 Henr/TN Paschall cem, burial; wife also

Notes for Mary A Wilson:

Notes for Thomas J Paschall:

Notes for Frances Paschall:

Notes for Susanna A Paschall:

!1910 Henr/TN has sister, Rebbeca

Notes for Leona Laura Paschall:

Notes for Rebecca A Paschall:

!1910 Henr/TN living with sis, Susanna

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