William Henry Paschall, son of Michael Wood Paschall and Elizabeth Wood , was born October 18,1813 in Warren,NC. He married Anne Carey 1869 in Desh,AR. He died October 04, 1892 in Linc,AR. Anne Carey.

Children of William Henry Paschall and Anne Carey are:

1. Henry W Paschall, b. 1870
2. George Nelson Paschall, b. in May, 1873
3. Ida Elizabeth Paschall, b. 1874
4. Frederick V Paschall, b. August 02, 1878 See Frederick V Paschall & Lula Chance
5. Fannie Belle Paschall, b. in February, 1880 See Max Cook Joslyn & Fannie Belle Paschall
6. Mary Loubelle Paschall, b. in March, 1881 See John Wilkerson & Mary Loubelle Paschall
7. Lillie Mae Paschall, b. December 26, 1885 See Rufus Wells & Lillie Mae Paschall

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Notes for William Henry Paschall:

!1835 Warr/NC DB 26-524 Michael W, K8, to Wm H; from father
1836 Warr/NC DB 27-103/176/346/360 all Wm H
1838 Warr/NC DB 27-365 Sold ld father, Michael W, gave him
1840 Shel/TN 100001-210 p211
1850 Desh/AR Franklin twp #128-wife/4 ch
1860 Desh/AR Franklin twp-wife/7 ch
1870 Drew/AR Beaureguard p572-wife/4 ch/stepdau; farmer
1880 Linc/AR Smith twp-wife/5 ch; 2 sons in area
1900 Linc/AR Wells twp-widow/4 ch
1973 Elisha Paschall Gene by Mary Johnston; #487, not H-line

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