William Henry Paschall, son of Michael Wood Paschall and Elizabeth Wood , was born October 18,1813 in Warren,NC. He married Mary A Newman 1852 in Desh,AR. He died October 04, 1892 in Linc,AR. Mary A Newman.

Children of William Henry Paschall and Mary A Newman are:

1. Thomas Spain Paschall, b. 1855 See Thomas Spain Paschall & Acie Carey
2. Sarah B Paschall, b. 1857 See Alfred Morgan & Sarah B Paschall
3. Caroline Henry Paschall, b. 1859 See Charles B Morgan & Caroline Henry Paschall

Other Marriages for William Henry Paschall:

Notes for William Henry Paschall:

!1835 Warr/NC DB 26-524 Michael W, K8, to Wm H; from father
1836 Warr/NC DB 27-103/176/346/360 all Wm H
1838 Warr/NC DB 27-365 Sold ld father, Michael W, gave him
1840 Shel/TN 100001-210 p211
1850 Desh/AR Franklin twp #128-wife/4 ch
1860 Desh/AR Franklin twp-wife/7 ch
1870 Drew/AR Beaureguard p572-wife/4 ch/stepdau; farmer
1880 Linc/AR Smith twp-wife/5 ch; 2 sons in area
1900 Linc/AR Wells twp-widow/4 ch
1973 Elisha Paschall Gene by Mary Johnston; #487, not H-line

Notes for Mary A Newman:

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