Pheniwel Jones Paschall, son of William Paschall and Martha R Wilson , was born 1811 in Warren,NC. He married Nancy A O Buchannon December 09, 1835 in Warren,NC. He died 1892 in Warren,NC. Nancy A O Buchannon.

Children of Pheniwel Jones Paschall and Nancy A O Buchannon are:

1. James Michael Paschall, b. 1837
2. Robert A Paschall, b. 1838 See Robert A Paschall & Martha D Robinson
3. Lewis P Paschall, b. 1840
4. Mary S Paschall, b. 1842
5. Margaret R Paschall, b. 1844
6. Cooper G Paschall, b. in June, 1846 See Cooper G Paschall & Winiford A Paschall
7. George J Paschall, b. 1847 See George J Paschall & Mollie A Paschall
8. Martha Ellen Paschall, b. 1848 See Martha Ellen Paschall & Cicero H Capps
9. Emily D Paschall, b. 1849 See George N Hicks & Emily D Paschall
10. Henry Anderson Paschall, b. in March, 1854 See Henry Anderson Paschall & Lucy Lee Hilliard

Notes for Pheniwel Jones Paschall:

!1840 Warr/NC 30001-00001 p29 as Phinwel J; sons age error
1850 Warr/NC Nutbush #249-wife/8 ch
1860 Warr/NC Exchange #608-wife/7 ch
1870 Warr/NC Nutbush #299-wife/4 ch
1880 Warr/NC Nutbush #325-wife/4 ch
1892 Warr/NC WB had will; PFR files
1934 Warr/NC letter of K276; said father's bro was a Jones

Notes for Nancy A O Buchannon:

Notes for James Michael Paschall:

!1860 Warr/NC #823-in house M H Riggan; as M J, 22
1870 Warr/NC #293-in house Julie Robertson; as Mike
1896 Warr/NC Not named in father's will; died?

Notes for Lewis P Paschall:

!1861 Nat Arch M253 pt369 in NC CSA
1862 Enlisted CSA; age 22, farmer
1987 NC Troops by W T Jordan; has service/death info

Notes for Mary S Paschall:

Notes for Margaret R Paschall:

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