William Paschall, son of Thomas Paschall and Charity Russell , was born 1778 in Bute,NC. He married Martha R Wilson March 12, 1807 in Warren,NC. He died in September, 1850 in Warren,NC. Martha R Wilson was born aft. 1785 in Warren,NC. She died aft. 1850.

Children of William Paschall and Martha R Wilson are:

1. Hapsey Ann Paschall, b. 1809 See Howell Taylor & Hapsey Ann Paschall
2. Pheniwel Jones Paschall, b. 1811 See Pheniwel Jones Paschall & Nancy A O Buchannon
3. Richard S Paschall, b. 1812
4. Thomas P Paschall, b. 1813 See Thomas P Paschall & Agnes Riggan OR Thomas P Paschall & Elizabeth Jane Riggan
5. William E Paschall, b. 1816 See William E Paschall & Susan Dowland OR William E Paschall & Martha Riggins
6. Henry A Paschall, b. 1817 See Henry A Paschall & unk Kimball
7. Eliza J Paschall, b. in February, 1818 See George W Nanney & Eliza J Paschall
8. Robert W Paschall, b. July 25, 1825 See Robert W Paschall & Lucy N Paschall
9. Martha A Paschall, b. 1828 See John W Paschall & Martha A Paschall
10. Sarah T Paschall, b. 1830 See Hartwell Robinson & Sarah T Paschall
11. James O K Paschall, b. in July, 1833 See James O K Paschall & Frances J Cliborne

Notes for William Paschall:

!1st marriage official - Henry Paschall, bdsman
1798 Warr/NC TL Ward's dist 1 poll, over 21; 1799 ditto
1801 Warr/NC TL Hawkin's dist 1 poll
1808 Warr/NC TL Dancey's dist 1 poll
1810 Warr/NC 1001-10100 p767; signed marr bond; PFR files
1811 Warr/NC TL Nutbush
1820 Warr/NC 41001-11010
1830 Warr/NC 11221001-1110001 Nutbush
1839 Warr/NC DB 28-7; wife was dau of Richard Wilson
1840 Warr/NC 011120001-01111001 p29
1850 Warr/NC Nutbush #250-wife/4 ch/gdau?; farmer
1852 Warr/NC Ct Min will proved, son, T P, was exe'r; Aug
1978 Gene of Anne Fleming, Manson, NC; has will and family info
Note: Will did not name all his ch

Notes for Martha R Wilson:

Notes for Richard S Paschall:

!1850 Warr/NC #251 in house brother?, Wm E; schoolteacher
1852 Warr/NC Ct Min brother, T P, was made admr; Aug

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