James Gardner Paschall, son of David L Paschall and Frances A Wilson , was born March 30,1858 in Calloway,KY. He married Martha J 1880 in Calloway,KY. He died abt. 1885 in Calloway,KY. Martha J .

Notes for James Gardner Paschall:

!1858 Call/KY Birth Rec-listed uncle as father
1880 Call/KY 5th-mother/sister? or wife/half-brother
1882 Henr/KY DB V512 fr uncle, James
1882 Call/KY TL 5th West
1883 Call/KY TL 1st East
1883 Call/KY DB X69
1884 Henr/KY DB Y618
1884 Call/KY TL 1st East
Note: no further records or children known.

Notes for Martha J :

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