David L Paschall, son of James Paschall and Rachel Wilson , was born 1826 in Rockingham,NC. He married Frances A Wilson August 23, 1846 in Henry,TN. He died July 09, 1864. Frances A Wilson, daughter of William Wilson and Rebecca Berry , was born 1828 in Rockingham,NC. She died aft. 1883 in Calloway,KY.

Children of David L Paschall and Frances A Wilson are:

1. George M Dallas Paschall, b. 1847 See George M Dallas Paschall & Martha Coursey OR George M Dallas Paschall & Nancyjane Elizabeth Nickam OR George M Dallas Paschall & Geraldine Pierce
2. Louisa R Paschall, b. in October, 1850
3. Mary E Paschall, b. March 20, 1852
4. Sarah Ann Paschall, b. 1854 See Charles Coursey & Sarah Ann Paschall
5. James Gardner Paschall, b. March 30, 1858 See James Gardner Paschall & Martha J
6. Martha J Paschall, b. 1863

Other Marriages for Frances A Wilson:

Notes for David L Paschall:

!1st marriage official - Robert Martin, JP
1847 Henr/TN TL 13th; also 1848/49/50
1850 Henr/TN 13th #159-wife/2 ch
1851 Call/KY TL
1854 Henr/TN TL as D L; also 1855 as David
1859 Henr/TN Ct Rec Sep/Jan terms, 1860; no info found
1860 Henr/TN 13th #1502-wife/6 ch
1860 Henr/TN TL 13th dist; also 1861; CSA?
1864 Pula/IL Mound city, burial; Nat Arch CSA POWs, cem #1372
1870 Henr/TN 3rd-widow/ch/2nd husb, Henry, E228 & his bro
1876 Henr/TN WB will of Wm Wilson, names Frances/2nd marr
1879 Call/KY TL 5th West; Frances widowed 2nd time
1880 Call/KY widow/dau(in-law?) in son, James', house

Notes for Frances A Wilson:

Notes for Louisa R Paschall:

!1870 Henr/TN 13th #901-living with widow of Robert Martin

Notes for Mary E Paschall:

!1871 Henr/TN Oak Grove Baptist Church Min, Oct-Nov 72
1872 Henr/TN ditto-bapt with sister, Sarah Coursey, Nov
1878 Henr/TN Oak Gr Bapt Mem list-1880 dismissal, moved
1880 Henr/TN ditto-letter of dismissal, Sep; moved?
1880 Henr/TN 13th-with uncle, Fred Wilson at Hazel, KY
Note: May have returned to same church later
Note: Possible marr in Weak/TN to Walter Collier, 1883

Notes for Martha J Paschall:

!Note: She may be wife of James G and not his sister. His wife was na med Martha J in deed. Marr rec's of county lost.

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