John Taylor Paschall, son of Richard Bray Paschall and Matilda Schmidt , was born in March, 1848 in Chat,NC. He married Rebecca Jane Gilbert September 28, 1875 in Chat,NC. He died in February, 1924 in Chat,NC. Rebecca Jane Gilbert.

Children of John Taylor Paschall and Rebecca Jane Gilbert are:

1. Eva Matilda Paschall, b. 1877 See Augustus M Burns & Eva Matilda Paschall
2. Mary Stella Paschall, b. 1879 See Charles Greaves & Mary Stella Paschall
3. Rosa Catherine Paschall, b. December 07, 1880
4. Esper Jane Paschall, b. in November, 1882 See Jack Jackson & Esper Jane Paschall
5. Clara Edna Paschall, b. in July, 1884 See Charles C Cheek & Clara Edna Paschall
6. John Gilbert Paschall, b. April 11, 1886 See John Gilbert Paschall & Sophia Killan
7. Paul Clarence Paschall, b. April 03, 1892 See Paul Clarence Paschall & Helen
8. Herbert Richard Paschall, b. March 01, 1895 See Herbert Richard Paschall & Annace
9. Nell Adelaide Paschall, b. April 21, 1897 See Odie Putnam Galt & Nell Adelaide Paschall

Notes for John Taylor Paschall:

!1880 Chat/NC Mathews-wife/2 ch/aunt
1900 Chat/NC Antre dist-wife/7 ch
1922 Chat/NC Agreement, him and son, support for land; Mar 14
1923 Chat/NC will; dated, Aug 16
1924 Tarr/TX Letter of bro says he was in State Legislature
1924 Chat/NC Brush Creek Baptist Ch, burial
1969 Paschal Gene by Rosa Paschal
1974 Family Hist by Frank J Paschal; will, agreement, letters, news
Note: Has many deeds in Chat/NC

Notes for Rebecca Jane Gilbert:

Notes for Rosa Catherine Paschall:

!1969 Ande/SC teacher, Anderson Women's College
!1998 SS Death index; never married?

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