Richard Bray Paschall, son of Richard Paschall and Nancy Bray , was born March 03,1820 in Chat,NC. He married Matilda Schmidt February 18, 1845 in Chat,NC. He died December 06, 1870 in Chat,NC. Matilda Schmidt.

Children of Richard Bray Paschall and Matilda Schmidt are:

1. Mary Catherine Paschall, b. in January, 1846 See Steven Wiley Brewer & Mary Catherine Paschall
2. John Taylor Paschall, b. in March, 1848 See John Taylor Paschall & Rebecca Jane Gilbert
3. Loton Franklin Paschall, b. in October, 1851 See Loton Franklin Paschall & Sallie Foust OR Loton Franklin Paschall & Kaie Brooks
4. Lydia Jane Paschall, b. March 19, 1854 See William J Caveness & Lydia Jane Paschall
5. Janette Matilda Paschall, b. in April, 1856 See Robert D Smith & Janette Matilda Paschall
6. James Richard Paschall, b. September 22, 1858 See James Richard Paschall & Leona Jones
7. Nancy Isadora Paschall, b. September 21, 1861 See Alfred A Johnson & Nancy Isadora Paschall
8. Robert Lee Paschall, b. July 07, 1869 See Robert Lee Paschall & Mary Lyle Martin
9. George Washington Paschall, b. July 07, 1869 See George Washington Paschall & Laura Allen

Notes for Richard Bray Paschall:

!1850 Chat/NC p426-wife/ch/mother/gfather
1854 Chat/NC Sheriff;13 yrs: Rep NC, both houses
1860 Chat/NC West #761-wife/6 ch/mother
1870 Chat/NC Mathews twp #3-wife/7 ch/mother
1870 Chat/NC Brush Creek Baptist Ch, burial; wife also
1871 Chat/NC Bibical Recorder, birth/death dates; Jun 21
1880 Chat/NC St Mathews-widow/4 ch
1900 Chat/NC Mathews dist-Matilda alone
1916 Chat/NC News, 93rd birthday
1922 Chat/NC News, Daily News; widow, death notice; Aug 8
1925 Rock/NC Letter, undated, son gave data to NC Hist Comm; PFR
1969 Paschal Gene by Rosa Paschal, errors
1974 Family History by Frank Junius Paschal; errors
Note: Has many deeds; E526, G473, H544, L97

Notes for Matilda Schmidt:

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