William T Paschall, son of Joshua Paschall and Mary Elizabeth Smartt , was born April 19,1864 in Smith,TN. He married Hettie Campbell bef. 1893. He died March 13, 1959 in Smith,TN. Hettie Campbell.

Children of William T Paschall and Hettie Campbell are:

1. Oscar Paschall, b. November 06, 1889 See Oscar Paschall & Mary Sue Turner
2. Charles T Paschall, b. June 01, 1894 See Charles T Paschall & Florence Young
3. Ethel Paschall, b. September 02, 1897
4. Lela Maude Paschall, b. June 25, 1905

Notes for William T Paschall:

!1920 Smit/TN 17th #62 wife; age 55 as Willie
1959 Smit/TN Kitching cem, burial; wife/ch also
1987 History of Smith Co, TN; p646; has fam info

Notes for Hettie Campbell:

Notes for Ethel Paschall:

Notes for Lela Maude Paschall:

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