Joshua Paschall, son of John M Paschall and unk , was born May 07,1830 in Smith,TN. He married Mary Elizabeth Smartt November 11, 1860 in Smith,TN. He died July 26, 1904 in Smith,TN. Mary Elizabeth Smartt.

Children of Joshua Paschall and Mary Elizabeth Smartt are:

1. William T Paschall, b. April 19, 1864 See William T Paschall & Hettie Campbell
2. James B Paschall, b. in August, 1865 See James B Paschall & Martha N Hutson
3. Mary Frances Paschall, b. February 19, 1867 See Beverly Roy Lawrence & Mary Frances Paschall
4. Joshua Marion Paschall, b. in September, 1868 See Joshua Marion Paschall & Mattie Barrett
5. Samuel H Paschall, b. March 04, 1870 See Samuel H Paschall & Mary M Simpson
6. Martha E Paschall, b. 1875 See Elijah Hickey & Martha E Paschall

Notes for Joshua Paschall:

!1860 Smit/TN 17th #426 in widow Crogan house; sister
1866 Smit/TN joined Brush Cr Prim Bapt Ch; mem all life
1870 Smit/TN 17th #115-wife/5 ch
1880 Smit/TN 19th #295-wife/6 ch
1900 Smit/TN 17th-wife; name looks like John
1904 Smit/TN News, Obituary has info
1986 Info from Mrs Joanne Smith, Virginia Beach, VA
1987 Smit/TN Smith Co History; publ 1987
1996 World FT #4324 has Smartt line, others

Notes for Mary Elizabeth Smartt:

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