John Nathaniel Brown Paschall, son of Francis S Brown Paschall and Mary Ann Davis , was born April 10,1862 in Itwa,MS. He married Orlando Skinner December 14, 1882 in Itwa,MS. He died November 10, 1928 in Prat,KS. Orlando Skinner.

Children of John Nathaniel Brown Paschall and Orlando Skinner are:

1. Angy Paschall, b. August 02, 1885 See Arthur Wilson & Angy Paschall
2. Noma Paschall, b. January 03, 1891 See Charles Holland & Noma Paschall
3. Ruth Paschall, b. November 29, 1893 See Earvin Horn & Ruth Paschall
4. Forest W Paschall, b. February 09, 1896 See Forest W Paschall & Alma
5. Emmett Houston Paschall, b. September 03, 1899 See Emmett Houston Paschall & Blanche F Clymer
6. Faye Paschall, b. November 09, 1901 See Chester Davidson & Faye Paschall
7. Era Paschall, b. April 21, 1904 See unk Lamb & Era Paschall
8. Nathaniel Brown Paschall, b. February 16, 1910 See Nathaniel Brown Paschall & Erma Walker

Notes for John Nathaniel Brown Paschall:

!1879 John/TX Ct Rec signed petition of gdn
1880 Itwa/MS Ct Rec also known as N B Paschal
1882 Itwa/MS Ct Rec resident in MS
1900 Chic/OK ED 152 v9 p7-wife/5 ch; as Nathaniel
1981 Diary of Henry J Lentz by David Conwill
1987 Records of Mabel Hartling/Berniece Coyle
1988 Info fr Mrs Lorene Paschal, wife of Emmett H, Jr; Tucson, AZ
cont she has access to Orlando's Bible
1988 Note: 3 ch who died young are not in file

Notes for Orlando Skinner:

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