Francis S Brown Paschall, son of John H Paschall and Sarah , was born March 25,1832 in Smith,TN. He married Mary Ann Davis October 02, 1856 in Itwa,MS. He died March 15, 1863 in Itwa,MS. Mary Ann Davis.

Children of Francis S Brown Paschall and Mary Ann Davis are:

1. William H Paschall, b. December 25, 1858 See William H Paschall & unk
2. John Nathaniel Brown Paschall, b. April 10, 1862 See John Nathaniel Brown Paschall & Orlando Skinner
3. John Paschall, b. in October, 1871 See John Paschall & May

Notes for Francis S Brown Paschall:

!1st marriage official - Wm Benson, JP
1850 Itwa/MS p438 &439-in house, single
1857 Itwa/MS DB 14; Admr estate of Wm J Cook; Feb 12
1858 Itwa/MS DB 14 also E219/husb; estate; Jun 7
1860 Itwa/MS #1932-wife/son/niece
1861 Itwa/MS Enlisted CSA, sick leave and died, 1863
1879 Itwa/MS Ct Petition, Wiley Chifton, gdn 2 sons
1880 Itwa/MS 1st p69-widow/2 sons?; John?
1882 Itwa/MS Ct Rec gdn sold land; two sons on record
1981 Diary of Henry J Lentz by David Conwill

Notes for Mary Ann Davis:

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