Jacob Coleson Paschall, son of James C Jones Paschall and Rachel Muse , was born September 22,1882 in Bedford,TN. He married Levina Ruth Keen 1904 in Bedford,TN. He died September 03, 1958 in Gene,KS. Levina Ruth Keen.

Children of Jacob Coleson Paschall and Levina Ruth Keen are:

1. Paul Cecil Paschall, b. July 06, 1905 See Paul Cecil Paschall & Eyolina Ruth Moore
2. Thomas Asbury Paschall, b. October 08, 1911 See Thomas Asbury Paschall & Larene Settle
3. Zilpa Elizabeth Paschall, b. March 23, 1914 See John Leroy Elwell & Zilpa Elizabeth Paschall
4. Margaret Esther Paschall, b. March 31, 1917 See Raymond E Schnelle & Margaret Esther Paschall
5. Jacob Coleson Paschall, b. August 01, 1921 See Jacob Coleson Paschall & Donna Lee Brown

Notes for Jacob Coleson Paschall:

!1910 Bedf/TN Cen
1936 Editor of PFR, Bulletin #2
Note: a dau, Rosila, not in file
Note: He got files of WBP & EEP in 1935. Son, Paul C P, got them from him.
Note: It is not known how he determined descent from John,E. He thought John,D4, was his ancestor.
Note: He was a family genealogist but made many poor connections and assumptions due to lack of documents. His assumption that Wm of NC and Wm/Sarah of Phila. were the same person was wrong. Also his linkage of English (Essex Co) lines was only based on similar given names.

Notes for Levina Ruth Keen:

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