James C Jones Paschall, son of James C Paschall and Mary Elizabeth Parker , was born September 28,1841 in Bedford,TN. He married Rachel Muse September 22, 1866 in Bedford,TN. He died March 28, 1920 in Bedford,TN. Rachel Muse.

Children of James C Jones Paschall and Rachel Muse are:

1. Ulysses Grant Paschall, b. February 22, 1870 See Ulysses Grant Paschall & Martha E Stephenson
2. Jacob Coleson Paschall, b. September 22, 1882 See Jacob Coleson Paschall & Levina Ruth Keen
3. Susanah Frances Paschall, b. December 17, 1873 See Christopher Columbus Damrun & Susanah Frances Paschall
4. Eliza Brame Paschall, b. September 02, 1867
5. Annie Elizabeth Paschall, b. March 26, 1872 See George Wilson Paul & Annie Elizabeth Paschall
6. Zilpha Jane Paschall, b. September 24, 1876 See William C Curtis & Zilpha Jane Paschall
7. James Henry Paschall, b. July 18, 1879
8. Mary Rachael Paschall, b. February 06, 1885

Notes for James C Jones Paschall:

!1866 Bedf/TN DB EEE 261; sold land
1870 Bedf/TN 18th #128-wife/3 ch
1900 Bedf/TN 18th-wife/son/sis-in-law
1910 Bedf/TN Cen
1920 Bedf/TN Mt Lebanon cem, burial

Notes for Rachel Muse:

Notes for Eliza Brame Paschall:

!1883 Bedf/TN Mt Lebanon cem, burial

Notes for James Henry Paschall:

!1882 Bedf/TN Mt Lebanon cem, burial

Notes for Mary Rachael Paschall:

!1885 Bedf/TN Mt Lebanon cem, burial

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