William Paschall, son of Samuel Paschall and Phereba Ward , was born April 15,1754 in Granville,NC. He married Mary Hammock 1773 in Warren,NC. He died March 04, 1807 in Wilk,GA. Mary Hammock was born 1753. She died 1837 in Linc,GA.

Children of William Paschall and Mary Hammock are:

1. William Paschall, b. March 15, 1776 See William Paschall & Elizabeth Elliot OR William Paschall & Mary Blanton
2. Thomas Paschall, b. April 20, 1779 See Thomas Paschall & Anne Leverett OR Thomas Paschall & Jane Cole Gresham
3. Susanna Paschall, b. August 06, 1782 See John Gresham & Susanna Paschall
4. Margaret Paschall, b. June 18, 1784 See Kaufman Gresham & Margaret Paschall
5. Samuel Paschall, b. May 07, 1788 See Samuel Paschall & Frances Gresham
6. Mary Polly Paschall, b. June 06, 1791 See Andrew Elliott & Mary Polly Paschall
7. Isaiah A Paschall, b. July 14, 1793 See Isaiah A Paschall & Patrica Arnett OR Isaiah A Paschall & Patience Ashmore
8. Jeremiah Paschall, b. July 14, 1793
9. Dennis Paschall, b. March 16, 1796 See Dennis Paschall & Dicey Gresham OR Dennis Paschall & Nancy J Loflin

Notes for William Paschall:

!1775 Warr/NC DB 5-279 from father
1782 Warr/NC TL Twitty's dist 158a; also 1783 118a
1784 Warr/NC TL Smith Cr 245a; was present in Warren
1786 Wilk/GA DB AA-29, Fishing Cr; not in Warr/NC tax list, moved
1787 Wilk/GA DB CCC p203 fr John Talbot 330a on Little R
1789 Wilk/GA DB DDD p94 180a on Lick Cr; also Bk TTT, 300a
1807 Wilk/GA Ct Rec, probate, wife/son admrs
1818 Wilk/GA TL Admr's had 180a on Little R
1820 Wilk/GA 001100-01101 p193 widow
1821 Wilk/GA Widow won in Ld Lott; Dooly Co
1926 Wilk/GA Letters/rec's fr Co Ordinary to PFR; PFR files
1969 Paschall Gene by Rosa Paschall; errors, editing problems
1986 Wilk/GA County has family Bible
1987 Early Recs of GA by Davidson; Wilkes Co, Bible, cem
Note: Confused in Warren records; was Wm, Jr after Wm, G left county
Note: Mary Hammock, 1970, Wilkes Co. cem's, p149, Mary Taylor Newsome , ggd
Note: Many rec's in PFR files of this line

Notes for Mary Hammock:

!1837 Linc/GA Greenwood Baptist Ch cem, burial

Notes for Jeremiah Paschall:

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