William Paschall, son of William Paschall and Mary Hammock , was born March 15,1776 in Warren,NC. He married Mary Blanton aft. 1846 in Linc,GA. He died June 25, 1853 in Linc,GA. Mary Blanton was born February 03, 1797. She died October 27, 1852 in Linc,GA.

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!1803 Wilk/GA Ld lottery-marr & ch; this became Linc/GA by division
1818 Linc/GA TL 416a on Little R
1820 Linc/GA 101101-42120 p170; no 1st name given in census
1830 Linc/GA 11132101-0112002 p75 184th
1840 Linc/GA 012110001-000000011 p212
1846 Linc/GA marr 2nd Mary ? , no ch; Sou. Christ. Adv., Eliz's death
1850 Linc/GA p348-wife, Mary
1851 Linc/GA WB E115; May 8; codicil, Mar 19,1852
1853 Linc/GA Raysville cem, burial; both wives, dau, sons also
1986 Papers of Charles R Bentley; Savanah/GA; Bible abstract

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