Nathaniel Paschall, son of George M Paschall and Elizabeth Randolph Turner , was born February 26,1883 in St Louis,MO. He married Bertha Cranston Potter . He died May 10, 1935 in LosA,CA. Bertha Cranston Potter.

Children of Nathaniel Paschall and Bertha Cranston Potter are:

1. Nathaniel Paschall, b. June 11, 1912
2. Cranston Potter Paschall, b. December 22, 1916

Notes for Nathaniel Paschall:

!Beverley Family by John McGill, publ 1956
Note: Was called the "2nd"

Notes for Bertha Cranston Potter:

Notes for Nathaniel Paschall:

!1944 LosA/CA Pasadena; working for Douglas Aircraft
Note: Was called the "3rd"

Notes for Cranston Potter Paschall:

!1997 SS Index

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