Nathaniel Paschall, son of Nichols Paschall and Sarah , was born April 04,1804 in Roan,TN. He married Martha E Edgar November 27, 1832 in Saga,IL. He died December 12, 1866 in St Louis,MO. Martha E Edgar.

Children of Nathaniel Paschall and Martha E Edgar are:

1. Eugenia L Paschall, b. January 08, 1834 See Walter Bent Carr & Eugenia L Paschall OR Girard B Allen & Eugenia L Paschall
2. Ada Paschall, b. 1836 See William C Tyler & Ada Paschall
3. Margaret Cara Paschall, b. 1838
4. Mary A Paschall, b. 1841 See Thomas Cummins & Mary A Paschall
5. Henry G Paschall, b. in January, 1845
6. George M Paschall, b. June 16, 1846 See George M Paschall & Elizabeth Randolph Turner
7. Elizabeth C Paschall, b. 1849 See Joseph Carr & Elizabeth C Paschall

Notes for Nathaniel Paschall:

!1812 StLo/MO Apprenticed to Joseph Charless
1830 StLo/MO Newspaper editor-St Louis; well known and famous
1832 Marr Mrs Martha E Edgar, widow
1840 StLo/MO 000002-2101 p146 had brother?
1850 StLo/MO 3rd ward #907-wife/7 ch
1854 StLo/MO DB has 21 deeds to 1854
1860 StLo/MO 5th ward #1480-widower/4 ch
1860 StLo/MO Edwards Great West by R Edwards; biog of Nathaniel
1888 StLo/MO Annals St Louis by Billion-names wife/ch
1895 StLo/MO History of St Louis by Scharf-photo/info

Notes for Martha E Edgar:

Notes for Margaret Cara Paschall:

!1860 StLo/MO 8th #799-living with sister?; as Mgt

Notes for Henry G Paschall:

!1870 StLo/MO 6th Ward 12th Div p337- age, 25, MO
1900 StLo/MO Cen 203-419 living west Belle Pl
1905 Letters to Sam S,F245, Nov 12; PFR files
1909 King/WA Letter Edw Early; 1920, Jul 5; PFR files
1910 Lara/WY Cheyenne p91
Note: never married?

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