Harry Raymond Leicht was born December 29,1890 in Burlington,IA. He married Thelma Estaline McDaniel abt. 1927 in Henry,TN. He died June 05, 1982 in Cherokee,OK. Thelma Estaline McDaniel, daughter of Gene Brown McDaniel and Ivory Grace Paschall , was born April 19, 1910 in Henry,TN. She died April 24, 1991 in Orange,CA.

Children of Harry Raymond Leicht and Thelma Estaline McDaniel are:

1. Dorothy Eva Elaine Leicht
2. Clara Louise Leicht

Notes for Harry Raymond Leicht:

Notes for Thelma Estaline McDaniel:

! Note: Was red-headed. Had a long disability before death; in poor n ursing home where care was bad; infection of bed sore caused gangren e which she died from.

Notes for Dorothy Eva Elaine Leicht:

Notes for Clara Louise Leicht:

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