Lewis Paschall, son of Joshua Paschall and Lucy Hicks , was born 1810 in Warren,NC. He married Judith Mitchel October 21, 1847 in Grai,TN. He died 1876 in Henry,TN. Judith Mitchel.

Children of Lewis Paschall and Judith Mitchel are:

1. Joshua Campbell Paschall, b. 1849 See Joshua Campbell Paschall & Eliza Paschall

Other Marriages for Lewis Paschall:

Notes for Lewis Paschall:

!1846 Henr/TN TL 13th
1847 Grai/TN Bdsman was Thomas Paschal
1850 Grai/NC 6th #657-wife/son
1857 Henr/TN TL
1860 Henr/TN 13th #1445-wife/son
1868 Henr/TN Oak Gr Ch Min-letter fr Buffalow Ch, Grai/TN
1869 Henr/TN DB Q748
1870 Henr/TN 13th #818-wife/son
1871 Henr/TN marr Eliza Paschall(I43); his 1st cousin
1876 Henr/TN TL 21st

Notes for Judith Mitchel:

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