Ira Ezra Paschall, son of John Robert Paschall and Mary A Gale , was born October 13,1897 in Howe,MO. He married Edith Gladys Hughlett . He died April 09, 1959. Edith Gladys Hughlett.

Children of Ira Ezra Paschall and Edith Gladys Hughlett are:

1. Edna Irene Paschall, b. November 10, 1919 See Woodrow P Gabriel & Edna Irene Paschall
2. Edith Myrtle Paschall, b. November 17, 1920
3. Elva Ira Paschall See Elva Ira Paschall & Blonita House
4. Norman Dale Paschall See Norman Dale Paschall & Betty L Evans
5. Donald Melvin Paschall See Donald Melvin Paschall & Francis Hekel
6. Barbara Joan Paschall See Robert L Sales & Barbara Joan Paschall

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