Lunsford A Paschall, son of John Paschall and Elizabeth Ann Ross , was born 1840 in Granville,NC. He married Lucy Winstead abt. 1864 in Weakley,TN. He died 1864 in Weakley,TN. Lucy Winstead.

Children of Lunsford A Paschall and Lucy Winstead are:

1. Amanda Paschall, b. 1865 See W L Ross & Amanda Paschall

Notes for Lunsford A Paschall:

!1860 Weak/TN 10th #416-in Turner house
1870 Weak/TN widow in father's house/dau, Amanda, 5
1880 Weak/TN widow/dau in house Abernathy
1900 Henr/TN 12th #238-widow in Bumpass house
1910 Weak/TN 11th-widow in Abernathy house
1972 Weak/TN Weakley Remembered-died Civil War

Notes for Lucy Winstead:

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