John Paschall, son of James Paschall and unk , was born 1772 in Warren,NC. He married Patsy Wilson December 15, 1798 in Warren,NC. He died 1840 in Granville,NC. Patsy Wilson.

Children of John Paschall and Patsy Wilson are:

1. Mary Polly Paschall, b. 1799 See William Adcock & Mary Polly Paschall
2. James J Paschall, b. December 20, 1801 See James J Paschall & Candis Rose Weldon
3. Massy Mason Paschall, b. in February, 1805 See Massy Mason Paschall & Nancy Mangum
4. Patience Paschall, b. 1806 See Moses Tanner & Patience Paschall
5. Richard T Paschall, b. 1809 See Richard T Paschall & Martha Rochelle OR Richard T Paschall & Martha Higgs
6. John Paschall, b. 1816 See John Paschall & Elizabeth Ann Ross OR John Paschall & Mary Shadwick
7. Lucy Paschall, b. 1818 See James Bradford & Lucy Paschall
8. Robert Paschall, b. January 16, 1819 See Robert Paschall & Sophia Wagstaff OR Robert Paschall & Barbara Ann Smith
9. Nancy Paschall, b. 1827 See James Ross & Nancy Paschall
10. Unity Paschall, b. 1805 See Joseph Perkingson & Unity Paschall

Notes for John Paschall:

!1791 Warr/NC x'ed marr bond of sis, Eluena, Nov 1
1798 Warr/NC TL in Samuel's household until married
1799 Warr/NC TL Nutbush 1 poll; marr; also 1800/1801
1800 Warr/NC 00110-00100 as Jnr; John, D4 is Sr
1803 Gran/NC DB S p384 James Burchett to John in Warr; John,E4, wit
1805 Gran/NC TL Beaver Dam 100a 1 poll; as Sr
1806 Gran/NC DB S p318 fr Charles Taylor; wit: Andrew Buchannon; Oct
1806 Gran/NC TL Beaver Dam 100a 1 poll
1806 Gran/NC Ct Rec above deed proved; Nov
1807 Gran/NC TL Beaver Dam 200a 1 poll; 1808 ditto
1808 Gran/NC Ct Rec road order .. to work on road.. also Joshua, I6; Aug
1809 Gran/NC TL Beaver Dam 200a 2 polls
1810 Gran/NC Ct Rec TL taken by him; Aug
1810 Gran/NC 20020-10010 p865
1811 Gran/NC TL Beaver Dam; also Joshua/Edmund on list
1812 Gran/NC Militia, 8th Co, Detached fr Gran Regt
1815 Gran/NC Ct Rec deed to Thomas Huskey; Feb
1820 Gran/NC 211101-11101 p47 Beaver Dam dist
1830 Gran/NC 200001-110001
1840 Gran/NC WB will; dau, Unity, hard to read, but recorder knew name
Muster Rolls-War of 1812, Detached Militia of NC

Notes for Patsy Wilson:

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