James C Paschall, son of Samuel Paschall and Dizey Long , was born 1815 in Warren,NC. He married Dolly Hamilton October 31, 1835 in Warren,NC. He died abt. 1852 in Warren,NC. Dolly Hamilton.

Children of James C Paschall and Dolly Hamilton are:

1. Letitia Paschall, b. 1837 See James J Walker & Letitia Paschall
2. Mary Paschall, b. 1839
3. Henry C Paschall, b. 1842
4. Thomas J Paschall, b. in February, 1845 See Thomas J Paschall & Margaret W
5. Elizabeth Bettie Paschall, b. 1847
6. Martha Paschall, b. 1852 See Charles Connill & Martha Paschall

Notes for James C Paschall:

!1837 Warr/NC DB 27-175 Trust deed; x'ed
1840 Warr/NC 00001-20001 Hawtree
1850 Warr/NC #433-wife/5 ch
1860 Warr/NC #508-Dollie living in poorhouse
1870 Warr/NC Hawtree #43-Dollie/4 ch

Notes for Dolly Hamilton:

Notes for Mary Paschall:

Notes for Henry C Paschall:

!1862 Wake/NC CSA; occupation; painter; disc, 1863
1870 Warr/NC Hawtree #43-in house
1880 Warr/NC Six Pound #27-in house
1900 Jack/MO Kaw twp b 1844 Feb TN?; him?; as Henry C

Notes for Elizabeth Bettie Paschall:

!1860 Warr/NC #878-in B L Felts house
1880 Warr/NC Six Pound #163-in sister's house

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