Green Berry Paschall, son of Samuel Paschall and Dizey Long , was born 1803 in Warren,NC. He married Mary Perkinson February 20, 1829 in Warren,NC. He died in August, 1852 in Warren,NC. Mary Perkinson.

Children of Green Berry Paschall and Mary Perkinson are:

1. John W Paschall, b. in January, 1831 See John W Paschall & Martha A Paschall OR John W Paschall & Emily
2. William A Paschall, b. 1834
3. Samuel A Paschall, b. 1836 See Samuel A Paschall & Nancy W King
4. Robert H Paschall, b. 1836
5. Richard B Paschall, b. 1842
6. Sarah A Paschall, b. 1848 See Thomas E Green & Sarah A Paschall
7. S E Paschall, b. 1850

Notes for Green Berry Paschall:

!1823 Warr/NC DB 23-3 sold interest
1830 Warr/NC 00001-0001 Smith Cr
1840 Warr/NC 211001-00001 p22
1841 Warr/NC bdsman for Rodolphus O'Mary to Patience Bartlett, Dec 9
1843 Warr/NC DB 28-506 T deed; x'ed; ditto 29-370
1850 Warr/NC Warrenton #428-wife/5 ch
1852 Warr/NC Ct Min John Hawkins, admr of his estate; Aug
1875 Warr/NC DB 31-799 widow/sons bought 95a
1858 Warr/NC DB 31-927 widow to son, Wm A
1860 Warr/NC Ridgeway #576-widow/4 ch

Notes for Mary Perkinson:

Notes for William A Paschall:

!1857 Warr/NC DB 31 p799 Ld to mother/him/bro fr Wm Hicks; Sep 30
1859 Warr/NC DB 31 p927 land fr mother; 1/3 int; 2 bro's wit; Feb 5
1859 Warr/NC DB 31 p1000 land fr bro, Sam A; wit was other 2 bro's
1860 Warr/NC Ridgeway #576-bro/sis/mother
1870 StCh/MO p224-in house Geo Bailey

Notes for Robert H Paschall:

!1859 Warr/NC DB 31-927 wit to mother's deed to brother; signed
1859 Warr/NC DB 31-1000 wit to brother's deed to bro; as Robert H
1860 Gran/NC Oxford #64-In store of J15 widow; as R J, 25; him?
1862 Rich/VA CSA; Soldiers; Robert D of Warr, died hosp, Aug 8
1968 NC Troops by L Manarin; says d Jan 29, 1862; as Robt D

Notes for Richard B Paschall:

!1861 Nat Arch M253 pt369 as Richard B, CSA NC

Notes for S E Paschall:

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