Rhodulpus OMary. He married Hannah H Paschall December 01, 1831 in Warren,NC. Hannah H Paschall, daughter of Samuel Paschall and Dizey Long , was born 1802 in Warren,NC. She died abt. 1841 in Warren,NC.

Notes for Rhodulpus OMary:

Notes for Hannah H Paschall:

!1823 Warr/NC DB 23 p113 sold 1/7th interest slave
1823 Warr/NC Ct Min above bill of sale proved; Nov term
1831 Warr/NC marr bond has her as Hollon
1841 Warr/NC He marr P Bartlett, Dec 9; Green B, I16, bdsman
1850 Warr/NC Warren #438-Rhodulpus and wife, Patience
1860 Warr/NC Warrenton #428-R and wife, P

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